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Fred Sweeney Rare Coins, Inc.


Welcome to FSRC's site. Our company can offer you over 50 years experience in the rare coin business. We have the expertise to evaluate and purchase ALL of your numismatic holdings.You should know, some buyers don't bother to separate your rarer coins from the commonplace. Everything is bulked together and purchased at one price. We do it differently - each coin is inspected and evaluated on its own merits. In fact, we recently purchased a coin for $22,500.00 that was valued by the seller at $1,000.00. This is an extreme case, but you get the idea. All of this will be done in privacy of our office. In certain cases, I can visit your home or bank if the weight of the collection is too much for you to handle. If you accept our offer, you will be paid on the spot in full.Now, click on "Selling Your Coins" for more details.​