Central States Numismatic Society 50 year medal (left)
American Numismatic Assoc. 50 year medal (right)

American Numismatic Assoc.
Beginning 1963 each bar represents attendance at the annual ANA Convention.

Since 1968

Fred Sweeney Rare Coins, Inc.

Personal Bio

I became interested in rare coins as a young lad of 13. They sparked a curiosity that has been part of my life ever since. I'm interested in many areas of collectibles but rare coins have always been my first love. The "coin bug" started in 1957, then became a passionate hobby for several years until I was discovered by local coin dealers.By 1968 I ventured out on my own to open Fred Sweeney Rare Coins (FSRC). Within a short time I was producing 40+ page coin price lists and full-page ads in coin publications. The agenda included 35-40 coins shows and auctions a year. During the last 50 years I've handled virtually every U.S. coin plus many milestone collections sold by private treaty. I've dealt in thousands of individual rarities plus virtually complete collections of everything from Large Cents to $20 Gold! I've bought and sold rare coins with the sharpest minds in the business and can now share this experience with you. I have recently been awarded my 50 year membership of good standing in the American Numismatic Assn. LM #717 and the Central States Numismatic Assn. LM #127. Although never one of the mega-companies with countless employees, I believe I have been around long enough to garner the respect of my peers concerning my good word (many deals done on a handshake), good checks, quick payment, overall knowledge, and fair dealings.You may have seen my coin related articles in publications such as: The Coin Dealer Newsletter, Speculator Magazine, Coin World and American Rare Coin Insider to name a few. Other Numismatists have also published my opinions in their writings.On a personal note, I've lived in the Kansas City area all my life, been in the same home since 1974 and banked in the same town since 1963. My business account is located in Kansas City, KS.Today, I continue to buy and sell rare U.S. Coins with advanced and neophyte buyers in all areas of the U.S. coin market.​